Whoda Thunk it

Well spring has sprung, and instead of doing yard work I'm sitting on my boat, just waiting for the dogs to get back. Silly buggers found a squirrel or a rock chuck to misery.
At least it wasn't a porcupine like last summer, lord what a mess that was. Nicole had to have 135 quills pulled from her mouth, but what a trouper, through the entire ordeal not so much as a whimper even though I could see the pain she was in, not a squeak.


cogi said...

I've never worked so hard to leave a comment. My comment now is "whew"
Speed, air, land, water, hounds......bliss.

the Silverfish said...

Whoo Hoo

annemarie said...

Majestic looking creatures. Great danes, right?

Great photo. ta,

btw, arrived here via les v's site

the Silverfish said...

he Silverfish said...
Welcome this place Annemarie and yes they are Danes and part of my Family,there are two more Danes,a Doberman and a Min Pin . Their names are in order of senority ODIN, THOR, PHOBOS and DEMOS the Dobies name is LUCIFER and the leaders name is Tasha( she da Boss). They are my friends and protectors. As well there is a sister Nichole who comes to visit from time to time, you know just to keep us boys in check.

Les is a cool fellow with lots of good things to share.