The House Of The Dying Sun

In the end: only What-We-Do counts for anything at all!

Americans have deserted the 'tab' marked "politics" in our daily lives for over four decades; yet now we have suddenly 'turned" to the corpse of politics to SOLVE what we have been unwilling to even look at for nearly half a century. Consequently we treat 'government' as a fixed body existing somewhere in the heavens - a device that remains 'unchanged' within the universe that we apparently believe our lives to be: As this has become the center of not only our own lives but of all creation itself!

Of course 'politics' cannot work, it has long-since been taken over by the forces that it was designed to protect ordinary people from. "Citizen" is no longer a functional concept in Amerika, because it has been replaced by the obsequious term "consumer," and consumers are in bed with corporate crime, with crooked politicians, and with lobbyists and thugs of all denominations: So that what passes for American life has become just a huge orgy where the consumers are the sex-slaves that service every conceivable perversion and all the possible criminal- activities that have come to live in this House of the Dying Sun!

That now totally defunct shell that once housed something like a representative government is a rotting ruin that the remaining figure-heads still point to as the answer to all things: When in fact politics is the excuse, and the diversion from anything that might even suggest any real changes.

The complicity of the victims here, that each now waits for, in the prisons that they allowed themselves to occupy, while proclaiming our 'freedoms in our now toothless Republic; is a farce beyond measure that has not been equaled since the days of Ancient Rome when their "citizens" were vastly complicit in the demise of that 'Republic' as well.

We have imprisoned more people than any other nation on the planet - but the real crime here is the continued compliance of all the rest of us who are living in variations of those real prisons, created by our own refusal to even
seek the truth, to which we say that we subscribe!

Welcome to the House of the Dying Sun - that 'light' which when it sets this time shall not rise again for the failed citizens of the Untied States of America. Because despite all the vast and complex criminality at every level throughout both government and society ­ in the end it is "We the not-to-be-disturbed-People" of this nation that are most responsible for this continuing crime against humanity, which this nation and its compliant slaves enabled, and has now come to represent!

So we continue to play these political games that have dragged on now for two years, games that have no point - because none of the "candidates" is qualified to lead anything more than a mob, hell- bent on stealing whatever might be left, in the ruins of yet another failed experiment where another Republic lost out to the power-hungry greed of the few; over the needs of the many and the willful blindness of the quietly dutiful many. . .

In the end everyone has one final weapon, and when we fail to use that weapon when it counts the most: then we are lost. That "weapon" is our very lives. There are some things more important than death, and if we fear those things, then we shall have to die a thousand times, while our so-called
lives shall remain in these 'living nightmares' that can never contain anything that matters. This has always been the price for the failure to form and live by 'personal convictions' over petty greed and stolen profits.

It is clear than most of those who have chosen investments over decency, conquests over human dignity, and plunder over law, have clearly chosen this living nightmare over the kind of challenges that could set them free. History is replete with millions of examples of this ancient con-game that always comes to the same end - with either their beheadings, or in the all-consuming fires of total rebellion.

Yet, those who continue on this course do not care for events of the past, as they believe that those events cannot possibly have anything to do with their own twisted dreams of power and riches: Because their dreams surpass all those previous attempts that failed in all the dusty pages of history that has
preceded them.

None of this is new, except to those of us that must now live inside the crimes that have been committed over so many decades, against so many others in the world, under false pretenses. The House of the Dying
Sun ultimately comes but once to each Empire that tries to have it all - and apparently it is now our turn to inhabit that "house" without a future!

So, with new wars surrounding us on every horizon and by every definition, when it counted, Americans are continuing to fail completely to stand against those dark forces that have come to seal our lives forever!

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