Just got back from a walk in the bush and valley it was wonderful ,the valley was all full of snow fog as the sun was very warm and is melting the snow so fast on the north side of the valley. I saw at least 40 Harrier Hawks this time, as well as a bunch of wild Turkeys, God what stupid birds. They remind me so much of so many people that I know, not the brains that god gave a Goose. However the Toms were all puffed up in their finery strutting and butting chests to try and get the Hens attention , just like human males they would sooner fight than fuck , what morons. Now I like to have them around but the bastards weigh in at around 25 pounds and raise hell with my bird feeders, but such is life in the woods. I so do like to hear them gobble in the mornings though it's a nice sound, peace full. But they so damn dumb, but not as stupid as the hunters that try to kill them, now we are talking stupid, when they can't even out think a goddamn stupid bird, and these are people that have guns. Back to bird turkeys I have a herd of about 90 here at the nest and I love them all even if they are stupid. At least they look nice when they strut. However you should see the young when they first fledge and try to get into the tree's thats always good for a chuckle, it's like throwing a base ball into the tree's the silly little buggers couldn't land on a branch if their lives depended on it which it sometimes does. However they do try, they take off , fly well enough , head for the trees and then all one hears is a bunch of squawking and then you hear them hit the ground, and they don't even look embarrassed, then they try all over again. Funny they can perch on my deck railing easy enough, and shit all over the place, but thats another story.

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